Acer Ferrari 1100: Speed, performance and precision

Posted by Simpur | Posted in , , | Posted on Monday, March 24, 2008


When the word Ferrari comes to mind, you'll immediately associate it with speed, performance, and precision. It's not surprising then that Acer's partnership with the super car manufacturer produced a laptop line that also offers a great blend of speed, performance, precision, and not to mention exceptionally good looks.

The latest in the line of Acer's Ferrari ultra-portable notebooks is the Ferrari 1100, the successor to the popular Ferrari 1000. This gorgeous piece of gadgetry is as good as it gets in this high-performance notebook range.

Weighing a mere 1.95kg, the Ferrari 1100 sports actual carbon fiber shells, tasteful accents, and smoothly rounded edges, which will surely attract not only racing enthusiasts but even the fashion conscious. The distinct yellow prancing stallion Ferrari logo is immediately distinguishable, giving you the feeling that you're looking at a precision-driven, perfectly built piece of machinery.

Acer has taken the Ferrari even further into the ultra-portable notebook range by upgrading its display to a brighter 12.1-inch wide screen LCD, that's just beautiful to look at. With 2GB of RAM, a generous 250GB hard drive, and now a built-in slot loading DVD burner, it surely makes the Ferrari 1100 one of the most feature-packed ultra-portable notebooks around.

The notebook's ATI Radeon X1270 3D integrated graphics is optimized for Windows Vista and the Windows Aero 3D interface, delivering compelling graphics and video for running business and multimedia applications.

The Dolby Home Theater system offers truly enhanced virtual surround sound, blasting multi-dimensional, ultra-clear sound through the built-in stereo speakers.

The features by no means end there. Asides from integrating a built-in web cam, Bluetooth, the latest wireless LAN connectivity, various slots which include an S-Video/TV output, a VGA port and more, the Ferrari 1100 also incorporates an integrated biometric fingerprint reader. This solution uses convenient finger-swipe security in place of passwords. This means you'll be able to unlock your notebook, and even log-on to your MSN Messenger and websites that require passwords by just swiping your finger onto the reader.

The machine also comes with an exclusive Ferrari wireless Bluetooth optical mouse that also sports the Ferrari logo.

Another cool addition to this gorgeous laptop is the inclusion of an Acer Xpress VoIP phone, which lets you make free calls through the Internet wirelessly from the notebook, just like you would do on a mobile phone. It can also act as a speaker phone, which is perfect for video and audio conferencing.

All in all, the Ferrari 1100 performs as good as it looks, and is surprisingly very affordable for a notebook that's very feature-packed. It's definitely a must-buy for the always-on-the-move professionals who want both style and performance, and of course not forgetting the die-hard Ferrari fans.

The Acer Ferrari 1100 ultra-portable notebook is exclusively available in Brunei at Concepts Commercial Suppliers, for $2,848.00 (with further discounts available to less than $2,300). For more information please call 2448102/3 or 2423214/5.