Apple introduces new iPod Nano with built-in camera

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Apple announced updates to the entire iPod lineup at their "It's only rock & roll, but we like it" media event recently, including the new iPod Nano which now features a built-in video camera.

Appearing on stage for the first time since his liver transplant, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced a variety of iPod updates, most of which were capacity increases, but none was as significant as the introduction of the 5th generation iPod Nano.

The media player now not only features an ultra-thin and sleek design with a larger 2.2-inch color display, but also a camera that will let users shoot great quality video wherever they are - a move that sees Apple directly targeting the currently popular Flip ultra-portable video camera market.

The Nano, the world's most popular music player with over 100 million sold, now comes in 9 colors, all featuring gorgeous polished aluminum and glass enclosures.

One of the most notable new features of the Nano is the built-in FM radio tuner that boasts live pause and iTunes Tagging. Live pause lets users pause and resume live radio, while iTunes Tagging lets them tag songs that they like that's on air, and later have the ability to preview and purchase the songs from iTunes.

The iPod Nano is available in Brunei with prices starting at B$228.

iPod Nano Commercials

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Who would've thought that the bookmark could be re-invented?

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Regular bookmarks come in different types of designs, but they all are more or less just pieces of card or types of fabric that are thin enough to place in books. Product designers Propaganda have re-invented the bookmark to make it not only look elegant, but even manages to make it more useful.

The "Bookmark II" is a simple rubber band with an arrow on one side, and a tab on the other. Once you've wrapped the band around the appropriate page, all you'll need to do is point the arrow to the line you last read.

The next time you want to read the book, simply pull the tab and you'll be taken to the specific line you last read.

Simple, yet highly useful!

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Product Website: Propaganda

Stay cool with the Handycooler Personal Air Conditioner

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At first glance, the Handycooler might look like your average handheld fan, but it actually turns out to be a portable mini air conditioner.

This little device harnesses the power of evaporative cooling to give you air-conditioned bliss anywhere you please. All it needs is a few ounces of water for you to dampen a sponge with, and you're good to go.

Running on a set of 4 x AA batteries (up to 5 hours), the US$39.99 Handycooler can provide you with up to as low as -4 degrees celsius of cool air!

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Star in the middle of your favourite movie scenes with Yoostar

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Have you ever wanted to star in the middle of your favourite movie scene? If you have, then your wish has come true with the introduction of Yoostar.

Yoostar lets you act our roles from some great movies including Forrest Gump, Friday The 13th, Casablanca, and even Rocky. The device records your performance, then digitally adds it to the original movie clip.

This fun piece of kit consists of a studio-grade web cam, portable green screen and stand, remote control, 12 movie scenes and 2 bonus scenes (with many more available for download).

Yoostar is available online for US$169.95.

Yoostar at E3 2009

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The modern, most advanced, highly efficient mouse trap

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Gone are the days of the lovely sight of a nearly dead mouse in the morning, trapped in your usual caged mousetraps. Hammacher Schlemmer has created the Victor Mousetrap, the world's most advanced rodent control system.

Mice a drawn into the trap by peanut butter and bacon bits, frying them when they walk on three electrically charged plates.

After the mouse dies, the shock chamber automatically rotates and deposits the dead mouse in a container, keeping it hidden from sight, ready for its next victim. This device can hold up to 10 dead mice before it has to be emptied.

Unlike traditional mousetraps, curious fingers or pets won't get trapped or be harmed by it as the trap automatically deactivates when the lid is opened.

The Victor Mousetrap is available online for US$129.95.

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Everyone can now sound like rap superstar T-Pain

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If you're a fan of rap / R&B music, then you've probably heard of superstar T-Pain's famous "Auto-Tune" voice. iPhone application developers Smule, popular for creating the worldwide sensation music app 'Ocarina', have just released a fun new application that lets users re-create that T-Pain sound, or create their own.

Developed in collaboration with the hip-hop star himself, "I Am T-Pain" lets you sing along to bundled T-Pain tracks, or if you think you could do better, you can write your own songs with the Auto-Tune technology, and share your songs via Facebook, MySpace, or email them to your friends.

Music stars trying out "I Am T-Pain"

Everyone can be T-Pain

This potentially infectious application (if you're into this kind of music) is available now for US$2.99 on the iTunes App Store.

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