Nikon announces D300s

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Nikon yesterday announced their new D300s DSLR camera, giving its 2-year-old semi-pro DSLR D300 quite a modest upgrade.

The D300s still keeps its predecessor's DX-format 12.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, but adds new features such as automatic Active D-Lighting, one-touch Live View, 24 fps, 720p D-Movie recording with Autofocus, 7 fps burst mode (or 8 with the optional battery pack), and a stereo microphone input.

The camera still retains its rock-solid build, great 51-point AF sensor, and 3-inch, 920,000 pixel LCD display, and will be available in late August for around US$1800.

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Press Release: Nikon

Keep your milk fresh for an extra week

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We all know that once you open a carton of milk, it starts to spoil. Normal milk jugs trap air inside them, which causes milk to spoil rapidly. This shrinking jug called "Fresh", collapses along with the amount of milk inside, keeping the amount of air in contact with milk at a bare minimum, and thus keeping your milk fresh longer.

This ingenious idea of a concept is easy to use too - Simply push the button on top to open the valve to pour the milk out. The container gets shorter and shorter as you continue forcing the milk out.

"Fresh" is one of the entries in this year's James Dyson Awards competition which we believe deserves to win a prize, if it does what it claims - keep milk fresh for a week longer.

Article: DVICE
Product Info: James Dyson Award

Drive around in your very own 'Bumblebee'

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General Motors officially announced the 2010 Chevy Camaro Transformers Special Edition at the Comic-Con annual fan convention in San Diego.

Fans of Transformers character 'Bumblebee', and owners of the Chevy LT (V6) and SS Trim Camaros, will be able to purchase a US$995 appearance package that they can add to the car.

The package will include:

* Autobot shield on the driver and passenger side panels
* Autobot shield on each of the four wheel's center cap
* Autobot shield embroidered on interior center console
* Transformers logo on driver and passenger doors' sill plates
* Transformers logo embedded into the hood rally stripes
* High-gloss black center rally stripe package

If you thought that the package would also let you transform your car into a robot, then too bad, you're out of luck.

Article: Autoblog

Believe it or not, this ring transforms into a Bluetooth headset

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Bluetooth headsets have been popular for years now, and they've come a long way from the first clunky and uncool-looking designs that graced the tech world not so long ago. Unfortunately, since they're still usually designed to fit the shape of the ear comfortably, they've been awkwardly hard to store in pockets when not in use.

The "Orb", an innovative new headset which is scheduled to launch in January 2010, is a sexy-looking Bluetooth headset that transforms into a ring with a simple twist of the device.

The Orb's design isn't the only thing it boasts - it also incorporated NXT technology to provide high quality bone conduction audio without the discomfort of placing a device in the ear.

A deluxe edition of this gadget will feature a Flexible Organic Light Emitting Device (FOLED) screen to display caller ID, calendar reminders, and voice-to-text information for communication without taking the ring off your finger.

The Orb will be available at prices starting around US$129.

Articles: Gizmag, Gizmodo

Calendar that uses the action of ink spreading to display the date

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Spanish designer Oscar Diaz has created the Ink Calendar, an interesting concept calendar that uses the capillary action of ink spreading across paper to display the date.

You start off at the beginning of each month by dipping the calendar's special paper into a full ink well. As time goes, you'll slowly be able to see the ink spreading across the paper, which is embossed with numbers that represent the days of the month, to reveal the date.

Each month, a different colored ink is used, ranging from green in the spring, orange and red during the summer, and shades of blue in winter.

This concept design is currently being displayed at the Circulo de Bellas Artes exhibition in Madrid.

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Toyota 'plants' solar-powered Wi-Fi daisies across US

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In what looks to be a great marketing campaign for its 2010 3rd-generation Prius launch, Toyota is currently 'planting' 18-foot daisy sculptures in major cities of the United States that represent its theme of "Harmony between Man, Nature and Machine".

These easy-to-spot solar-powered hotspots provide residents with a comfortable place to relax and enjoy free Wi-Fi Internet access, and even a means for charging mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets.

These stations are powered by solar panels that are embedded at the back of the petals and the base of the stem of the flowers. The solar stations model the solar roof of the upcoming Toyota Prius which uses solar power to ventilate its interior when parked in the sun.

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Product Page: Toyota Prius

The affordable 6-in-1 flash accessory kit

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Hong Kong gadget site Brando have come up all sorts of gadgets over the years (some weird, some super-cool), and have recently been hot for budget photography gear.

This awesome 6-in-1 kit includes different flash accessories that will drastically improve the quality of your shots.

The kit features a Soft Diffuser with 6 colour mask, a Honey Comb, a Conical Snoot, a Barndoor, a Mini Reflector, a Globe Diffuser and a Flash Adaptor.

For just US$88, we believe that this kit will be a huge hit with budget photographers everywhere.

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Product Page: Brando

The motorcycle suit for superhero wannabes

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Bikers can soon look even more macho (or even more geeky) once they get their hands on the soon-to-be-released Dark Knight Leather Motorcycle Suit.

This officially licensed replica of the suit worn by Christian Bale in the Dark Knight film includes a jacket, pants, boots and gloves - probably enough gear to make bikers feel like superheroes.

The suit features a strong Cordura mesh base with heavy-duty 4 way stretch Spandex inserts. It also boasts removable CE approved body armor in both its jacket and pants and highly detailed, removable lightweight interior lining. (All of which should be enough to protect you in a small crash - with a good helmet, of course)

Even if this suit is designed to be worn by bikers, don't be surprised if non-bikers start wearing them around too.

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Product Page: UD Replicas

Disney announces digital video camera for kids

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Disney has just announced a new line of digital video cameras that will be perfect for little kids to start shooting their very own movies.

The easy to hold and cutely shaped "Disney Flix Jr." will be able to record around 15 minutes of video footage, easily captured by a single trigger-like recording button.

Just like typical cameras for 'grown-ups', kids will be able to play back their footage on the camera's 1.5-inch color LCD screen instantly.

The Disney Flix Jr. digital video camera will come in red (Lightning McQueen) and pink (Disney Princesses) colors and will be available later this year for around US$80.

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The geekiest cap ever

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This cap is not just an ordinary cap - it's a Wi-Fi cap. Yes you heard right, a Wi-Fi cap.

It features a built-in, functioning Wi-Fi detector that lets you know if the area you're in is an Internet hotspot, and even displays the signal strength through its glowing bars.

It somehow compliments the Wi-Fi Detector Shirt that's also available. Sad but true.

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Product Page: ThinkGeek

B&O's flute-like alarm clock

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Famous Danish boutique audio & video product retailer Bang & Olufsen has introduced its newest product - an odd, but probably stylish, flute-like alarm clock.

This hate-it-or-love-it minimalist piece of gadgetry is not just your typical alarm clock, as it's equipped with an accelerometer - which knows when the device is moved. This tilt-sensor will change the orientation of the display and buttons according to how you're holding the device.

Besides telling the time and setting off an alarm, the BeoTime can wirelessly control and switch between B&O audio and video devices, all of which can be navigated with the large center button.

It also features a built-in sleep timer which can switch all B&O equipment in the room to standby after a selected time - perfect for those who like to sleep listening to their favourite music, without physically having to switch the music off before they fall sleep.

The BeoTime will be available in August for about US$375.

Articles: Gizmodo, Engadget
Product Page: Bang & Olufsen

The super-cool Nike T-Shirt gun

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If you've been a fan of the superb-looking T-Shirt gun in the recent commercial for Nike Sportswear featuring American football star Steven Jackson, and you're someone who's got money to burn, then you're in luck! Nike is actually selling them for US$1500.

Now this T-Shirt shooting gun is probably one of the most unnecessary things for you to ever get (unless of course you're a cool T-shirt promoter looking to market your tees in a unique way), but you have to agree that they're just awesome-looking!

Every limited edition gun is individually numbered, and is engraved with a signature from a Nike athlete - which kind of makes it worth that hefty sum of money, right? Right?

Okay maybe not. But still.

Nike Sportswear Commercial

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The six-pack-creating undershirt

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We guys have to admit that not all of us have six-packs under our shirts, and it doesn't help when the gut is the one part of our bodies that's hard to keep tight and lean. Thank God for the RipTFusion Undershirt.

This mens undershirt features a unique tricot tummy panel that's designed to physiologically sculpt and shape your body, support your core, while visibly improving your physique.

Using dual fabric technology, the mid panel of the undershirt sucks in the belly, creating core consciousness, which not only will shave inches off your belly, but will also enhance your posture.

The RipTFusion Undershirt is designed to be worn under a dress shirt, polo, or a sweater.

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Product Website: RipTFusion

We get our hands on the Nokia N86

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Hot on the heels of their locally-popular N97 release, Nokia has recently launched the N86, a brand new 8-megapixel camera phone addition to the popular Nseries. Just like their recent success with the N97, the company's first venture beyond the 5-megapixel camera range seems to have been quite well received too.

Besides having the typical functions of a camera phone, the N86 also boasts a 28mm Carl Zeiss wide-angle camera lens, variable aperture, stabilizer, and a mechanical shutter. The new lens gives users a significant 20% larger angle view when taking shots - a more than welcome feature for camera phone lovers.

Various reviewers have agreed that the 30 frame per second video capture quality is quite impressive for a mobile phone, and we couldn't agree more. That and the wide exposure range and integrated video light lets you capture DVD-like video quality during day or night.

Watching video on this device is a joy too, as it boasts a superbly crisp and vibrant OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display.

Watch our Gadget,Ink Webcast below to get a brief look at some of the phone's functions including its great gaming capabilities..

Gadget,Ink Webcast 005 - A brief look at the Nokia N86

This excellent smartphone is now available for just $728 at Incomm, with further discounts when you present you DST Card.

Product Page: Nokia
Website: Incomm

Special one-day sale at Incomm on HM's Birthday!

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Yes, our friends at Incomm are at it again - yet another mouth-watering sale will be held tomorrow (15th July 2009), in conjunction with His Majesty's birthday!

Get bargains on various mobile phones, accessories and even USB modems during this one-day sale, which will be held at Incomm's Abdul Razak, The Mall, Sony Ericsson Concept Shop and Serusop branches from 12 to 9pm.

If you want to take advantage of the sale, make sure you're there early as only 15 units are available per model at each branch.

Website: Incomm

LG 'leaks' video of delicious-looking new Chocolate

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For the past month or so, LG has teased the tech community with a few obscured shots of their next generation Chocolate mobile phone, but all has been revealed in a leaked promotional video that confirms the super-wide touchscreen display everyone predicted.

LG's Black Label Series will continue with the upcoming release of the LG Chocolate BL40, which on the outside looks superbly sleek and sexy.

Some of the rumored specs for this phone that have been confirmed are:

- 4-inch, 800x344 (21:9) multitouch screen
- Scratch proof tempered glass display
- Active Flash UI
- Wi-Fi
- 7.2 mbps HSDPA
- 5mp camera with flash
- On-screen keyboard
- Google Maps
- Card-based contacts
- Scheduler
- Email

There's no word on when they'll be officially announcing this phone, but let's hope it works just as great as it looks in the video.

LG Chocolate BL40 Leaked Promotional Video

Articles: Engadget, Gizmodo

The innovative & sexy digital clock concept

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There have been many clock designs over the years but none have probably been as significant, and probably more technologically advanced than this cool concept clock from designer Vadim Kibardin.

The "Black & White Clock" features just four OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) digits - no case or box. Each figure has a self-contained power supply, and can be controlled independently, making each become easily fixed to any surface.

What makes this concept clock even more cool is that it features a light sensor, which enables the clock to display the time in white if the surrounding is dark, and in black if the surrounding is bright!

Kibardin is still currently searching for a manufacturer to help him build his working idea into reality. Let's hope we'll get to see these clocks in homes sooner rather than later.

Articles: Core77, [technabob], DVICE
Product Page: Kibardindesign

Calvin Klein USB sunglasses - Silly or Stylish?

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Calvin Klein will soon be unveiling what looks to be an odd combination of technology and style in its ck Calvin Kein USB sunglasses this October.

The somewhat-weird pair of sunglasses will feature a detachable arm that reveals a 4GB USB port - ready to store your music, photos, or valuable data.

Is it just us or is this such an impractical and strange place to put a USB drive?

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A virtual look at Michael Jackson's amazing collection of arcade games & movie memorabilia

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Late last year, Julien's Auctions announced the sale of over 2000 pieces of Michael Jackson memorabilia. It took 30 men and 10 trucks over 3 months to move the items from Jackson's Neverland Ranch and into the auction site in Beverly Hills.

The auction was later cancelled and converted into a twelve day exhibition which was held in April 2009, where the public were given the chance to view Jackson's impressive personal collection of arcade cabinets, including authentic movie memorabilia that could make grown men feel like boys again.

Check out the 360-degree tour by clicking here. [Please note that you'll need a decent Internet connection to enjoy the tour]

Articles: Kotaku, Gizmodo

The scary, yet effective billboard that 'bleeds'

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The highest death tolls on New Zealand roads are usually seen during the after-summer heavy rains. To remind drivers to drive safely and carefully during the wet season, the local government in Papakura has put out rather disturbing billboards that 'bleed' when it rains.

The new ad campaign takes a new approach that they hope will creep out reckless drivers.

On a normal dry day, the billboard shows an image of a young boy, but once the billboard gets wet due to rain, blood can be seen trickling down the face of the child.

The ad is pretty terrifying, but it's proven to be effective too - there hasn't been a fatality since.

Articles: Neatorama, BuzzFeed, Gizmodo

A balcony not for the feint-hearted

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If you're scared of heights, then just the sight of the following images will probably make you look away. These are the amazing shots taken at the new set of glass balconies, recently opened for public viewing, at the Sears Tower in Chicago.

Suspended 103 stories (1,353 feet) in the air, "The Ledge" consists of transparent walls and ceilings, that visitors say is like floating in the sky.

The glass floor apparently can withstand five tons, but is surprisingly just an inch and a half thick.

Articles: AP, DesignCrave, Archdaily, Newlaunches