Awesome RC SWAT truck with 'hidden' RC helicopter

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Now, we might not be young enough to know if a toy would be cool enough to be popular with the kids nowadays, but when we saw the Heli-Mission SWAT Truck from Silverlit, we knew it had 'awesome-ness' written all over it.

Not only is the SWAT Truck a fully-functional remote controlled car that features sirens and flashing lights, it also has a cargo bay that opens and reveals a 3-channel remote controlled helicopter that's hidden inside!

Once the cargo bay roof doors open, the launch platform that the helicopter is on even rises to the top, allowing it to take off easily from the truck! Why didn't they have toys like these when we were young?

Silverlit Heli-Mission SWAT Truck

The Silverlit Heli-Mission SWAT Truck will be available online from July 2009 for £59.95.

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