Easily find out why your newborn baby is crying

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One of the first true tests for new parents is finding out why their newborn is crying - which can be quite difficult. Finding out if a baby is sleepy, stressed, bored or hungry can be a daunting task for some, but with the 'Why Cry Baby Analyzer', these problems might be a thing of the past.

This portable, alarm-clock-looking device features an advanced frequency analyzing technology that only needs 20 seconds to know why your child is crying.

Once the gadget analyzes the cries and screams of the baby, a representation of the baby's mood is displayed on its screen.

This innovative device has been clinically tested, tried out in nurseries, and has been proven to be 98% reliable.

The Why Cry Baby Analyzer also comes with a symptoms chart which provides you with information on how you can help the baby stop crying.

Product Page: ThinkGeek, Why Cry

The elegant successor to the highly successful Nokia E71 impresses

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The highly anticipated successor of the popular Nokia E71 is finally here. The Nokia E72 introduces some new features that will surely improve user experience, especially to those who are upgrading to this even more elegant looking model.

Featuring a new highly-responsive Optical Navi key, the E72 lets you navigate across every function smoothly, intuitively, and much quicker than ever before.

The smartphone now features a 5 megapixel digital camera with flash and one-touch autofocus, as opposed to the 3.2 megapixel one of its predecessor, letting you capture high-quality photos and video on this 'business' device.

Built-in remote device management options including device lock and device wipe protects your files and personal information in the event of theft.

Available now at Incomm, The E72 boasts not only great features and amazing looks, but more importantly retains that 'affordable' price point once again. Retailing at just B$688.00, with further discounts available when you show your DST Card, the E72 is more than worth buying.

The Nokia E72

Official Distributor: Incomm
Product Page: Nokia

Make your normal car sound like a V10 powered super car

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At first glance, the SoundRacer might just seem like another ridiculous accessory for wannabe super car owners, but although that might be half true, this gadget might just be something that'll make revving your car engine much more fun.

Simply plug the SoundRacer into the car's lighter and it'll use it's built in FM transmitter to play real V8 or V10 engine sounds through your car's stereo, every time you rev your engine! What's cooler is that the sounds actually correspond to the RPM's of your car engine.

Retailing at just US$39.99, the SoundRacer might just be the cheapest way to transform your car into a beast of a ride.

Check out the SoundRacer in action and see for yourself just how cool this little gadget is..

Article: OhGizmo!
Product Page: SoundRacer