Nokia introduces impressive-looking mini-laptop

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Nokia recently shocked the tech industry by revealing their new Booklet 3G, a 10.1-inch netbook that's only 2 cm thick, and boasts a 12-hour battery life.

This mini-laptop will let you connect to Internet at almost anywhere with built-in 3G HSPA, Wi-Fi, GPS and A-GPS connectivity.

Wighing in at only 1.25kg, this machine will run on Windows 7 and an Atom processor and will also feature premium construction - an ultrathin design, durable aluminum metalwork, and a high-gloss finish.

There's no telling how much Nokia will charge for the Booklet 3G, but all is expected to be revealed at Nokia World which will kick off next week. In the meantime, check out the video posted on Nokia's Europe website..

Nokia Booklet 3G

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Product Page: Nokia Booklet 3G

Apple announces August 28th (Friday!) launch of Snow Leopard

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After multiple rumours from international gadget sites about the possibility of Apple releasing their highly anticipated operating system 'Snow Leopard' at an earlier than scheduled August 28th date, the computer giants finally confirmed the news yesterday.

Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard will go on sale this Friday at Apple retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers worldwide, with their online store now accepting pre-orders.

With features arguably far more superior, and much more easier to use than Windows, Snow Leopard builds on the success of their current Leopard operating system. Snow Leopard will feature tons of refinements, including a far better user experience, faster loading applications, and some cool new features, which of course will give the upcoming Windows 7 OS a run for its money.

Apple gave the world a sneak peek at Snow Leopard during this year's Worldwide Developers Conference in June, and we were impressed..

Snow Leopard Sneak Peek Highlights

Snow Leopard will be available for only US$29 for current Leopard users.

UPDATE: Snow Leopard is now available for pre-order at AV Electronics, but will be launched around 31st August 2009. Upgrades from Leopard will cost just B$48.

Press Release: Apple
Product Page: Snow Leopard

Verbatim's sexy new external hard drive with Always On display

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Verbatim, the world's leader in storage media technology, have just announced their new InSight portable USB hard drive, which not only looks great, but features a display that's always on.

The sleek, palm-sized new drive's enclosure is enhanced with a sexy premium piano black finish, adding a touch of elegance that will not only be appealing to professional users, but to home users too.

The Always On display is an interesting addition to this drive, letting you continuously see how much more free space you have available even when the drive is no longer connected to your computer.

The InSight, which works with both Windows and Macs, is now available in two models, 320GB and 500Gb, for US$119.99 and US$149.99 respectively.

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Press Release: Verbatim

The literally one horsepower, ultra-green, eco-friendly car

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The world has seen a good increase in eco-friendly cars like the Toyota Prius in recent years, but nothing beats the Naturmobil - brainchild of Iranian engineer Hadi Mirhejazi - which is literally powered by a horse.

When the horse, that's tethered to a treadmill, trots, it recharges the battery, which in turn powers the car.

Mirjehazi spent more than two years building the 28 mph Naturmobil, but admits that he had to experiment with many types of technology to make the horse comfortable - the horse now sits under a jacket of cold water.

Articles: The Guardian, Inhabitat, OhGizmo!

Dell and Nickelodeon unveil new netbook aimed at kids

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Zune HD

Computer giants Dell and kid entertainment network Nickelodeon have recently announced the new Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition, a netbook computer that's designed specifically for children.

Sporting Nickelodeon's trademark slime on it, the netbook comes with entertaining and educational content that will probably also appeal to moms and dads - who can easily monitor and control the device as their children grow more Internet savvy.

As it's built for children, the 10.1-inch machine is very much durable and highly portable - weighing less than 3 pounds - making it easily be carried around by kids.

Each Dell Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition features an easily customizable user interface, with Nickelodeon-branded desktop wallpapers and icons that give a truly unique, kid-friendly experience. The interface also provides an easy way to access Nickelodeon's dedicated web portals where kids can select their own dynamically updated content including the latest games and TV shows.

This netbook, Dell's first ever kids-focused product, will be available from October.

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Press Release: Dell

DormVault will keep your laptop safe from college thieves

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Zune HD

College dorm rooms or university halls of residences are probably not the safest places to leave your laptop and external hard drives lying around, but the DormVault Laptop Safe can keep prying eyes and untrustworthy friends from getting to them when you're not around.

This tough, 9-pound, "rugged steel" vault can hold a 17-inch laptop, accessories, and even a couple of external hard drives. If you're paranoid about losing your cash, then it'll be a safe enough place to store your wallet too.

Zune HD

The DormVault, available for US$59.99 from ThinkGeek, bolts to furniture from the inside making it impossible for thieves to unscrew it.

Articles: Gadget Review, WIRED Gadget Lab
Product Page: ThinkGeek

If you didn't know it already, texting while driving can kill

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The local police department in Gwent, Wales, will be screening a 30-minute movie showing the possible dangerous consequences of texting while driving to their local schools soon, that they hope will help prevent texting-related accidents.

Not content with the usual scare tactics, they've created "COW", a visually graphic and bloody, yet probably very effective public service announcement.

If you tend to text while you drive, then we hope that this video will wake you up.. [warning: not for the feint-hearted]

A clip from "COW"

Articles: BBC News, Gizmodo

Microsoft Zune HD to ship September 15th, could give iPod Touch a run for its money

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Zune HD

Gadget sites from all around the world have lately been flooded with news and photos of the upcoming sexy-looking Zune HD, Microsoft's answer to Apple's iPod Touch, which seems like it could be a winner among media player enthusiasts.

Scheduled to be launched on September 15th, the Zune HD, as it name suggests, is capable of playing High Definition 720p media when it's hooked up to a TV (via HDMI).

Zune HD

The player boasts a super-crisp 3.3-inch 16:9 OLED touchscreen, which from the video below looks like it has a smooth and super-sexy interface - probably much more fun to look at than the current iPod Touch.

Microsoft Zune HD Demo

Besides the usual media player features of music and video playback, Internet connectivity and picture viewing, the Zune HD will also be able to receive HD radio.

The fashion conscious will be able to choose from 10 new exclusive designs, available in five different colours (blue, lime green, red/maroon, beige, black and silver).

Probably the most appealing thing about the Zune HD is its price - US$219.99 for the 16GB model and US$289.99 for the 32GB model - price points that could tempt buyers away from the US$229 (16GB) and US$399 (32GB) prices of the iPod Touch.

Could this device finally be the iPod killer? Only time will tell..

Zune HD

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Product Page: Zune HD

Samsung unveils camera with front-facing LCD display

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It's been quite tricky trying to take self-potraits with point & shoot cameras all these years - especially when you have more than just yourself to take. Samsung has probably solved the problem by introducing a camera that has an extra LCD screen in the front, making it easier for you to take those tricky shots.

Besides being able to give you a preview of what your shot will look like, the TL225's 1.5-inch front-facing screen will also display a countdown timer if you decide to place the camera down, instead of holding it during self-portrait shots.

Another unique feature of the front-facing screen is that it can be used to play animations that will help you get the attention of children when you want to take their photos. The camera's 'Child Mode' will display a video of an animated clown, among others.

Besides sporting the front-facing screen, the 12.2-megapixel TL225 boasts some other great features too, including the ability to take HD movies, and wide-angled shots, HDMI connectivity, and touchscreen functions that make it easy to operate the camera. For example, to turn it on, simply tap on the main 3.5-inch screen, and to delete a photo, just swipe an "X" over an image.

The TL225 will be available in September for around US$350.

Article: DVICE
Product Page: Samsung

Portable solar panels that let you charge your mobile phones on the go

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If you're planning on traveling to places with no electricity anytime soon, then Sanyo's Eneloop Portable Solar panels could come in handy. This relatively compact, book-sized gadget will be able to charge your portable devices with the use of just sunshine.

An hour's worth of solar power is enough to power your mobile phone with 20 or 40 minutes of talk time - more than enough for emergencies.

The Eneloop comes in sets of two panels, a mobile booster and a mesh bag that holds the booster and whatever device you need to charge.

Article: Crave

Never miss a second of the game when nature calls

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The Horse Bazaar pub in Melbourne, Australia has come up with a weird, yet possibly clever way to attract sports fanatics to their premises.

The place boasts an immersive projection environment that features 20 metres of continuous digital canvas on which new media and digital artworks are projected - creating a warm and welcoming playground for the senses.

But the use of projection technology doesn't end there.. sports fans who don't want to miss a single second of a match when nature calls will be able to enjoy the world's first 'Rear Projection Urinal'.

Weird, but somehow ingenious!

Articles: Melbourne Pubs, Gizmodo
Website: Horse Bazaar Digital Art Bar

Discounts on all mobile phones at DST Group's BRIDEX 2009 booth

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The Brunei International Defence Exhibition (BRIDEX), the premier defence and security event in South East Asia, is only a few days away, which means that we'll soon be able to witness the latest and most innovative defence equipment to date. In conjunction with this exciting event, DST Group will also be showcasing their products and services to the public at the exhibition.

Visitors of the DST Group booth (W15) will be entitled to a special 10% discount on all mobile phones - making it all the more reason for you to visit exhibition.

BRIDEX 2009 will be held at the awesome-looking brand new 26 acre, 10,000 square metre site in the Royal Brunei Polo & Riding Club from 12th to 15th August 2009.

Official Websites: DST Group, BRIDEX 2009

Chinese farmer builds home-made helicopter

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Wu Zhongyuan, a 20-year-old Chinese farmer, with only a basic school education, has made his own working helicopter out of wood and steel pipes.

The single-seater flying machine, which has blades made from wood, a frame reinforced with steel pipes and uses an engine from a motorcycle, costed less than £1,000 to build, and took three months to complete.

Wu relied on his memories of middle school physics to build the helicopter, coupled with relevant knowledge he found on the Internet, all of which he searched for through his mobile phone.

He claims that the machine is capable of flying as high as 2,600 feet, but is currently grounded for the time being as the Chinese government has forbid him to fly due to safety reasons.

Articles: Ananova, Auto Motto, DVICE

A 'fun' and non-violent way to get rid of those pesky insects

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There's nothing more annoying than finding a fly on your meal, and not being able to catch it when you try to. The Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun is a cool gun-shaped sucker that makes getting rid of flies and insects in your house fun and enjoyable (without having to kill them).

All you'll need to do is load the gun, point it to the insect, and pull the trigger. The bug will be sucked with a powerful inward gust of air into a see-through tube.

You then can either keep the insect inside the tube as a pet, or release it outside. Or maybe release it in the room of someone you don't like (just a suggestion).

The Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun is available online from ThinkGeek for US$29.99.

Article: CoolThings
Product Page: ThinkGeek

We get our hands on the Sony Ericsson W995

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The usually fine line between Sony Ericsson's flagship Cybershot and Walkman series smart phones has probably just gone non-existent with the introduction of the W995 - a phone that not only has 118MB of on-board storage and an 8GB M2 Memory Stick for all your music and files, but also boasts an 8.1-megapixel camera too.

This new feature-packed phone can give its Nokia counterpart the N86 a run for its money with features such as Wi-Fi with DLNA support (wirelessly connect to other devices via W-Fi), built-in GPS with A-GPS functionality, Walkman 4.0 music player with Shake control and SensMe accelerometer just to name a few.

Watch our Gadget,Ink Webcast below to get a brief look at some of the phone's features..

Gadget,Ink Webcast 006 - A brief look at the Sony Ericsson W995

The Sony Ericsson W995 is now available for just B$798 at Incomm, with further discounts when you present your DST Card.

Product Page: Nokia
Official Distributor Website: Incomm

Showcase your photos directly from your camera

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Nikon has recently unveiled a few new Coolpix digital cameras, including the S1000pj, the first digital camera that includes a built-in digital projector. Once this 12.1 megapixel camera is released, users will be able to project photos or movie clips on walls at up to 40 inches in size.

The S1000pj will come with a projector stand, and a remote control that can be used to control and operate the projector, release the shutter, and more.

Nikon hasn't announced the actual release date of this device yet, but it's expected to be available for around US$587.

Articles: PhotoReview, Nikon Rumors, Gizmodo

The wind-up light

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Designer Jasper Hou has created "Time Your Light", a concept wind-up lamp design that turns off by itself once it reaches the time you set.

This cool device, especially for you bedtime readers out there, will turn itself once you've fallen asleep, or before, perhaps telling you that it's time to go to sleep.

Just like a wind-up doll, the stored energy from your wind-up powers the lamp as it slowly unwinds.

Time Your Light could also be a hit for those who are into lighting candles, as it seems to have a similar ambient effect - but probably safer and more economical too.

Articles: DVICE, Gizmodo
Product Info: Yanko Design