Singapore and Hongkong first in Asia to get Nexus One delivery

Posted by Brunei Foodies | Posted in , , | Posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The first question that comes to mind would probably be, "Is it worth it?" Despite quite a number of users forum highlighting some bugs and unstability of the operating software, the Nexus One is getting some healthy sales figures. We think by now, everyone knows that Google didn't make the phone, it was all done by HTC.

Rest assured though, it's all Google inside. The smartphone runs on an updated version of Éclair (Android 2.1), powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM. The 3.7-inch panel is an AMOLED display with an 800 x 480-pixel resolution. Jump here to check the full specs.

According to Cnet Asia;
The Nexus One can be bought online in the US without a service at US$529, while customers in Singapore can expect to pay up to US$577.31, which would include the device, power adapter and shipping. The phone is also available to online buyers in the UK and Hong Kong.

More videos here.

It is certainly much cheaper than HTC's latest top-of-range models, the HTC Hero and HD2. So if you're keen on having Google's latest Android 2.1 powered Nexus One (and have a contact in Singapore who can order it for you), then by all means get it. And don't forget also to drop us a line so we can play with it too.