Samsung unveils camera with front-facing LCD display

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It's been quite tricky trying to take self-potraits with point & shoot cameras all these years - especially when you have more than just yourself to take. Samsung has probably solved the problem by introducing a camera that has an extra LCD screen in the front, making it easier for you to take those tricky shots.

Besides being able to give you a preview of what your shot will look like, the TL225's 1.5-inch front-facing screen will also display a countdown timer if you decide to place the camera down, instead of holding it during self-portrait shots.

Another unique feature of the front-facing screen is that it can be used to play animations that will help you get the attention of children when you want to take their photos. The camera's 'Child Mode' will display a video of an animated clown, among others.

Besides sporting the front-facing screen, the 12.2-megapixel TL225 boasts some other great features too, including the ability to take HD movies, and wide-angled shots, HDMI connectivity, and touchscreen functions that make it easy to operate the camera. For example, to turn it on, simply tap on the main 3.5-inch screen, and to delete a photo, just swipe an "X" over an image.

The TL225 will be available in September for around US$350.

Article: DVICE
Product Page: Samsung

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i am too much in to Samsung and i believe soon they are going to get a hold on cameras market all around the globe, i am using this cameras from last 2 months and to be very honest i didnt find any other digital cameras this much comfy and user friendly. its front screen thing is awesome and editing option are also very cool.

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