The wind-up light

Posted by Simpur | Posted in , , , | Posted on Monday, August 03, 2009

Designer Jasper Hou has created "Time Your Light", a concept wind-up lamp design that turns off by itself once it reaches the time you set.

This cool device, especially for you bedtime readers out there, will turn itself once you've fallen asleep, or before, perhaps telling you that it's time to go to sleep.

Just like a wind-up doll, the stored energy from your wind-up powers the lamp as it slowly unwinds.

Time Your Light could also be a hit for those who are into lighting candles, as it seems to have a similar ambient effect - but probably safer and more economical too.

Articles: DVICE, Gizmodo
Product Info: Yanko Design

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so nice...!!

where can i buy one of this?

Unfortunately, this is still just a concept gadget, so we'll have to wait till the sell it for real.

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