Dell and Nickelodeon unveil new netbook aimed at kids

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Computer giants Dell and kid entertainment network Nickelodeon have recently announced the new Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition, a netbook computer that's designed specifically for children.

Sporting Nickelodeon's trademark slime on it, the netbook comes with entertaining and educational content that will probably also appeal to moms and dads - who can easily monitor and control the device as their children grow more Internet savvy.

As it's built for children, the 10.1-inch machine is very much durable and highly portable - weighing less than 3 pounds - making it easily be carried around by kids.

Each Dell Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition features an easily customizable user interface, with Nickelodeon-branded desktop wallpapers and icons that give a truly unique, kid-friendly experience. The interface also provides an easy way to access Nickelodeon's dedicated web portals where kids can select their own dynamically updated content including the latest games and TV shows.

This netbook, Dell's first ever kids-focused product, will be available from October.

Article: HotHardware
Press Release: Dell

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dapat diusahakan netbook yang focus kepada pendidikan cara islam?dimanakah pakar-pakar komputer dari negara-negara islam?bangkitlah dan kembangkan ilmu-ilmu mengenai islam.....

Dear Anonymous,
boleh bagi contoh macamana yang dikatakan "focus kepada pendidikan cara islam"?

Wooi! You don't have to buy this. I've got sloppy brother that could make your PC like this - even better!

are these on sale in brunei

usahakan tia and install this linux version

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