DormVault will keep your laptop safe from college thieves

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College dorm rooms or university halls of residences are probably not the safest places to leave your laptop and external hard drives lying around, but the DormVault Laptop Safe can keep prying eyes and untrustworthy friends from getting to them when you're not around.

This tough, 9-pound, "rugged steel" vault can hold a 17-inch laptop, accessories, and even a couple of external hard drives. If you're paranoid about losing your cash, then it'll be a safe enough place to store your wallet too.

Zune HD

The DormVault, available for US$59.99 from ThinkGeek, bolts to furniture from the inside making it impossible for thieves to unscrew it.

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Product Page: ThinkGeek

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Yes! I've got one last time and I did screw it to my table - and lost it - together with my table :)

Hahaha how unfortunate! Maybe next time you should bolt it to your refridgerator or bed!

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