A 'fun' and non-violent way to get rid of those pesky insects

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There's nothing more annoying than finding a fly on your meal, and not being able to catch it when you try to. The Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun is a cool gun-shaped sucker that makes getting rid of flies and insects in your house fun and enjoyable (without having to kill them).

All you'll need to do is load the gun, point it to the insect, and pull the trigger. The bug will be sucked with a powerful inward gust of air into a see-through tube.

You then can either keep the insect inside the tube as a pet, or release it outside. Or maybe release it in the room of someone you don't like (just a suggestion).

The Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun is available online from ThinkGeek for US$29.99.

Article: CoolThings
Product Page: ThinkGeek

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Make sure the fly didn't land on a poo when you try to suck it! :)

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