Toyota 'plants' solar-powered Wi-Fi daisies across US

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In what looks to be a great marketing campaign for its 2010 3rd-generation Prius launch, Toyota is currently 'planting' 18-foot daisy sculptures in major cities of the United States that represent its theme of "Harmony between Man, Nature and Machine".

These easy-to-spot solar-powered hotspots provide residents with a comfortable place to relax and enjoy free Wi-Fi Internet access, and even a means for charging mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets.

These stations are powered by solar panels that are embedded at the back of the petals and the base of the stem of the flowers. The solar stations model the solar roof of the upcoming Toyota Prius which uses solar power to ventilate its interior when parked in the sun.

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these wi-fi flowers wouuld be a great idea for college campuses -- from a marketing and educational standpoint

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