The innovative & sexy digital clock concept

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There have been many clock designs over the years but none have probably been as significant, and probably more technologically advanced than this cool concept clock from designer Vadim Kibardin.

The "Black & White Clock" features just four OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) digits - no case or box. Each figure has a self-contained power supply, and can be controlled independently, making each become easily fixed to any surface.

What makes this concept clock even more cool is that it features a light sensor, which enables the clock to display the time in white if the surrounding is dark, and in black if the surrounding is bright!

Kibardin is still currently searching for a manufacturer to help him build his working idea into reality. Let's hope we'll get to see these clocks in homes sooner rather than later.

Articles: Core77, [technabob], DVICE
Product Page: Kibardindesign

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