B&O's flute-like alarm clock

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Famous Danish boutique audio & video product retailer Bang & Olufsen has introduced its newest product - an odd, but probably stylish, flute-like alarm clock.

This hate-it-or-love-it minimalist piece of gadgetry is not just your typical alarm clock, as it's equipped with an accelerometer - which knows when the device is moved. This tilt-sensor will change the orientation of the display and buttons according to how you're holding the device.

Besides telling the time and setting off an alarm, the BeoTime can wirelessly control and switch between B&O audio and video devices, all of which can be navigated with the large center button.

It also features a built-in sleep timer which can switch all B&O equipment in the room to standby after a selected time - perfect for those who like to sleep listening to their favourite music, without physically having to switch the music off before they fall sleep.

The BeoTime will be available in August for about US$375.

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