The modern, most advanced, highly efficient mouse trap

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Gone are the days of the lovely sight of a nearly dead mouse in the morning, trapped in your usual caged mousetraps. Hammacher Schlemmer has created the Victor Mousetrap, the world's most advanced rodent control system.

Mice a drawn into the trap by peanut butter and bacon bits, frying them when they walk on three electrically charged plates.

After the mouse dies, the shock chamber automatically rotates and deposits the dead mouse in a container, keeping it hidden from sight, ready for its next victim. This device can hold up to 10 dead mice before it has to be emptied.

Unlike traditional mousetraps, curious fingers or pets won't get trapped or be harmed by it as the trap automatically deactivates when the lid is opened.

The Victor Mousetrap is available online for US$129.95.

Article: Uncrate
Product Page: Hammacher Schlemmer

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I think that this is cruel. How about trapping rodents so that they can be released back into the wild instead of killing them. Just because they're a bit of a nuisance doesn't give us a right to kill them.

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