iDay is finally here

Posted by Simpur | Posted in , , , | Posted on Friday, June 29, 2007

As the world awaits the Apple iPhone world premiere in the United States, the world of technology and gadget enthusiasts is in a standstill, for at least until 6pm local US time today anyway. Today has been proclaimed iDay by iPhone enthusiasts.

Not many companies have announced a phone and manage to sustain the public's interest 6 months later, and perhaps even build more excitement and hype as the release day comes closer. It's quite amazing. The fact that more than two thirds of the 300 million US population are aware of the device is just staggering.

As we await the US public's reviews of the iPhone, and see whether it sells out, or flops, we'll leave you with a couple of early iPhone review videos and interesting news reports on 2007's most anticipated gadget. If only the Bruneian release was not so long from now..

Standing in line for the iPhone - REUTERS

A sneak peak at Apple's iPhone - CBS News

iPhone review by David Pogue of the NY Times

iPhone review by Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal

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