Aliph Jawbone: Noise is Nothing

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In the world of mobile communications, many users stay with the simple earbud headsets that come with their phone. While this may save you some money, you're usually stuck with poor sound quality, and sometimes unmanageable earpiece wires that tangle ever-so-easily. Fortunately, there are alternatives in the market, Bluetooth headsets are widely available here, offering you a wireless way to talk on your mobile phone from a headset. Simply 'pair' the devices together, and you're good to go.

Now anyone who's used standard Bluetooth headsets before will be able to tell you that besides the advantages of being 'wireless' and having the slight 'cool' factor, the sound quality isn't that great, especially to the people who receive their calls, as they're susceptible to hearing their surrounding's noise.

Aliph's Jawbone, however, offers an outstanding mix of comfort, style, and performance that's far superior to other headsets.

The Jawbone's design is without doubt strikingly-sexy, and it's unsurprising that it was recently featured in an exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Even the box it comes in when you buy it looks like it fell off a designer's shelf!

The Jawbone was also dubbed, among other feats, as the 'Wearable Device of the Year' by the popular American website Engadget, due to its extremely comfortable fit which lets it slide on and off with ease.

Besides the Jawbone's design and style, most of the accolades come from the technology behind the device, a military-grade noise cancelling feature they call Noise Shield. This technology has resulted in numerous awards including being called 'The Highest Rated Bluetooth Headset. Ever" by the popular tech company CNET.

Not only does it virtually eliminate all background noise from your call, but as your background changes it also seamlessly adjusts the speaker output so you can hear your caller’s voice better. The Jawbone’s intelligent system of sensors, software, and ergonomic features allow you to use your mobile phone in any environment without shouting, or even straining to hear. No matter where you are, it will automatically adapt to your surroundings, which in turn results in a clear, and uninterrupted conversation.

The Jawbone’s sound technology was optimized for The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the U.S. Department of Defense’s research and development agency, to maximize communications clarity in the most hostile conditions. In other words, it makes communicating in a war-zone, with gun-fire and helicopter noise around you, simple. Its voice activity sensor technology can identify precisely when its user is speaking and separate his or her voice from background noise.

Watch the Jawbone in action..

After using this sleek device for more than a month, we still haven't found any flaws, in both the sound quality and it's design. The 'hidden' buttons on the headset are easy to use, and work like a charm.

The Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset comes in three colours, Black, Silver, and Red and is available in Brunei at the QQeStore, with the absolute lowest price in Brunei guaranteed!* For more information on its price, please click here.

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