Google launches Twitter-ish, Facebook-ish 'Google Buzz'

Posted by Simpur | Posted in , , | Posted on Friday, February 12, 2010

The tech world was buzzing before Google's mysterious and bizarrely secret product unveiling event on Tuesday, with rumors that they'd be launching a Twitter-like product - and yes, they were spot on - in some ways.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with the different types of social networking sites, then get ready digest yet another one with Google Buzz - another way for people to tell other people what they're doing, thinking and feeling.

So what exactly is Google Buzz? After checking it out and playing around with it for ourselves, one way to describe it is that it's a Twitter-ish, Facebook-ish application, with a hint of Google Chat, built right into Gmail.

Gmail users can now write status updates (not limited to 140 characters like Twitter) that other users can see, which can include links videos (which can be watched inline) and photos (which can be scrolled through and viewed fast) too.

Buzz features automatic friend lists (friends who you've emailed on Gmail are added automatically) and public and private sharing (choose to only share with a few, or with the whole world).

A great feature is inbox integration - instead of emailing you with notifications like Facebook does, it features emails that update dynamically with content.

Buzz will also let you follow status updates from people that you always email and chat, but will also let you dismiss status updates that might be boring due to the small number of comments.

Google Buzz will appear as an option to about 1 percent of Gmail users first, but will roll out to all users over the course of the week.

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Product Page: Google Buzz

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Twitter-ish not limited to 140 characters?
NOW! my next phone would surely be Android!

Another Facebook-ish apps.? There goes my privacy!

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