Kohjinsha SA Series: Ultra-Mobile, Ultra-Sexy

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The very first time you lay your eyes on one of the new SA Series Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPC) from Japanese manufacturer Kohjinsha, it's guaranteed that you'll be very impressed with a notebook PC that's so small and compact, and yet very well-designed.

This hot little 'tablet' PC has been selling like hotcakes in Brunei for the past few weeks, and it's not surprising as it's very affordable, and quite feature-packed too.

Kohjinsha's UMPC runs a full Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition rather than the Tablet PC Edition, so you'll be able to run your favourite applications as you would on your desktop PC. The only difference might be that this time you can make full use of the 7" LED back-lit LCD Touch Screen and physically control your applications using a stylus. It will definitely make a quick sketch on Photoshop a breeze, especially when you can rotate the screen 180 degrees and lie it down flat with its back on the keyboard for a tablet effect. Not bad for a such an affordable mini-laptop.

Not content on using a stylus? The UMPC also has a touchpad, and even a 5-way directional joystick pointer. Still not satisfied? Simply plug in a mouse into one of the two USB ports available.

Weighing at only 990g, it's perfect for people on-the-go, especially with it's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, making it even easier for you to be connected.

Other features include a 3 in 1 Memory Stick/SD/MMC Memory Card Reader and a 15-pin VGA port.

The Kohjinsha SA Series UMPC, which comes in Black (40GB HDD) and White (100GB HDD), is available in Brunei at the QQeStore, with the absolute lowest price in Brunei guaranteed!* For more information on its current price, please click here.

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