Apple iPod Touch: Touch your music, and more

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Apple introduced a new, refreshed line of iPods last week, much to the delight of portable music lovers all around the world. Besides a revamp of every single iPod model, Apple unveiled a new music and video player (and more) to their line, the beautiful, and thin, iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch features Apple’s revolutionary multi-touch user interface that enables you to navigate through all its features with just the touch of a finger. Sounds vaguely familiar? The iPod Touch can basically do everything the iPhone does, except the ability to make calls.

It plays music and video, and lets you store and view your photos just like most of the other iPods, but like the iPhone, Apple has incorporated Wi-Fi onto the device, letting you surf websites on its gorgeous 3.5-inch widescreen display. The iPod Touch also lets you watch YouTube videos and even organise your calendar scheduling and contacts.

The iPod Touch is only 8mm thick, 3.6mm thinner than the iPhone, but has more or less the same looks as the iPhone, sporting the single button the phone is now famous for.

With the introduction of this gadget, the rest of the world will finally get to enjoy most of the features of an iPhone, without having to wait for the phone to be released in their countries. Please visit the Apple Website for details of the iPod touch, and the whole new iPod range.

The iPod Touch. A Guided Tour

The iPod Touch will be released worldwide on September 28th, and comes in 8GB and 16GB models, and will be available in Brunei at the
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