HP unveils latest all-in-one touchscreen desktop PC that swivels.

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HP recently unveiled their latest touchscreen PC from their TouchSmart line, the HP TouchSmart 610 Consumer PC and the HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite Business PC.

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Both of the display can recline in 60 degree angle from upright to almost flat. So users can use the angled computer sitting or standing up without compromising comfort.

Previous versions in the TouchSmart line, although innovative, was physically tiring to use in its upright position for long periods of time. The latest HP TouchSmart aims to make touch screen interactions and activity more ergonomic and comfortable.

The TouchSmart 610 is expected to retail for about US$699/£999 and will be sold in the American market starting 9th February and in the UK in April. Asian pricing and release dates have not been announce.

Product Page:  HP TouchSmart

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