NoteSlate: The low-tech tablet.

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In today's world of high-tech gadgetry with numerous functions, NoteSlate tries to bring it back to basic. This beautiful piece of hardware serves one main simple function: writing.

With the huge amount of tablet PCs being introduced at this year's CES, you'd expect one would trump over the other in terms of of applications and functionality. NoteSlate decided to stand out from the tablet market by keeping everything simple. With the main function to sketch and write, this tablet device removes all the "unnecessary clutter" like internet-connectivity, web-browsing, video playback, etc.

The NoteSlate has a 13-inch display surface that has e-ink capabilities. You have the "ink" choice of black, white, red, green, blue or a four-colour combo and offers 180 hours of battery life. The only multimedia function the NoteSlate has is mp3 playback, but you'd have to jack in a headphone because it doesn't come with a speaker.

Will the technology behind NoteSlate finally be the end-all of taking notes on paper? I would love to have a digital device where I could actually write notes on and save, just like notebooks albeit without the extra weight and fuss.

The device is expected to be released in June 2011 for US$99 a pop.

Product Site: NoteSlate
Articles: GadgetLab, TechnewsDaily

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