The 'Anti-Stab' knife

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With the alarming, multiplying reports of home stabbings in the UK, resident John Carnock has designed an anti-stab knife, after his wife saw a TV report calling for a ban on long, pointed kitchen knives.

The first knife of its kind, which will go on sale in Britain soon, will work as normal in the kitchen, but has been designed to make it more difficult to stab someone.

The 'Newpoint' knife features a rounded edge instead of a point, and will snag on skin or clothing, making it an ineffective weapon.

There's probably never ever going to be a safe knife, but the idea of this product is that you won't be able to inflict a fatal wound.

The knife has been approved by the UK Home Office's Design and Technology Alliance, and will retail at around £40-50.

Articles: Times Online, DVICE
Product Page: Newpoint Knives

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