Apple unveils iPhone 3GS, introduces new line of affordable MacBook Pros, and gives world sneak peek at amazing new OS (updated with video)

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Hot off the heels of last Saturday's somewhat subdued Palm Pre launch, Apple has just announced an extensive range of new products, including the highly anticipated iPhone 3GS ("S" simply standing for speed), which it claims to be the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet.

Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Philip Schiller, along with other Apple Senior VPs launched Apple's yearly Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco early this morning (1am Brunei time) with yet another keynote full of surprises, and some predictable, but still exciting new products.

Just like any other lead up to an Apple event, this year's WWDC generated a lot of hype on the possibility of a brand new iPhone, but the Apple faithful were probably surprised about the first few products that were introduced - an updated line of MacBook Pros that are now more affordable, yet more powerful than ever.

New MacBook Pros
Less than a year after they introduced the unibody aluminum MacBook Pros, Apple have surprisingly introduced new updates to the whole range of their 'professional' laptops. Despite a more or less same look on the outside, the 15-inch and 17-inch models have received speed bumps internally, including faster processors, the ability to expand RAM to 8GB, and up to 500 GB of Hard Drive storage.

The new MacBook Pros now boast up to 7 hours of battery life and a display that has 60% greater color gamut, which means that you will be able to enjoy more vivid colors on your laptop.

A welcome addition to the notebook range is the inclusion of a somewhat standard in other laptops - an SD Card slot in place of the unpopular Express Card slot.

The new 15-inch MacBook Pro, which Apple claims to be the fastest laptop they've ever made, now retails at a starting price of just B$ 2,888, around B$300 cheaper than before, despite receiving an upgrade in features. The entry-level 17-inch model now retails at just B$4,188.

13-inch aluminum MacBook upgraded to MacBook Pro
Apple made the great decision to upgrade the current unibody Aluminum MacBook to MacBook Pro status, making the high-end, powerful notebooks more affordable than ever.

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro features the same 7-hour battery life as the rest, an SD Card slot, up to 8GB memory and a maximum of 500 GB hard drive capacity. They'll also include the Firewire 800 slot, which was surprisingly removed from the previous MacBook.

The starting price? B$2,088! - even cheaper than the MacBook it replaces. The MacBook Pro range has never been more affordable, now being accessible to those who haven't been able to afford one all this while. Apple will however continue to sell their white, plastic MacBooks, which all have received speed and storage bumps too, at prices starting at just B$1,688.

MacBook Air finally affordable
Apple's incredibly thin, light and sexy laptop too is now more powerful and more affordable too. We believe that with prices starting at just B$2,588, these 0.16-inch thin MacBook Air notebooks are finally worth what you pay for.

Snow Leopard
Apple continued the keynote this morning by giving the world another sneak preview to their new Mac operating system, Snow Leopard. Building on the success of the current Leopard OS, this new operating system will feature tons of refinements, including a far better user experience, faster loading applications, and some cool new features, including an all-new 'Dock Expose' feature, that will give the upcoming Windows 7 OS a run for its money.

It will also include built-in support for Microsoft Exchange, a feature that's surprisingly not free on Microsoft's own Windows platform.

The 64-bit Snow Leopard operating system will also include the new, sexy-looking Quicktime X media player that among others lets you easily trim and share video from the player itself.

Snow Leopard will be available in September for an amazing price of only US$29.

Snow Leopard Sneak Peek Highlights

iPhone 3GS
Apple finally confirmed the existence of a brand new iPhone by announcing the iPhone 3GS, their fastest, most powerful iPhone yet. Despite looking almost the same as the current iPhone 3G on the outside, the iPhone 3GS is packed with incredible new features including speed and performance that's up to twice as fast as its predecessor, improved graphics, and a longer battery life.

The phone features a 3.0 megapixel camera that boasts a 'Touch to Focus' function, which lets you easily focus an object just by touching it on the screen. The camera also features auto white balance, auto exposure, and an improved low light sensitivity. The built-in macro function too makes taking beautiful close-up shots a snap.

The iPhone 3GS can also shoot high-quality video, a feature that's long been on iPhone users' wish list. Videos can be edited on the phone itself, then be shared via MMS or even YouTube.

Surfing the web on an iPhone will be much more snappier thanks to the HSDPA connectivity, but its faster processor means that even apps will load twice as fast as the iPhone 3G.

One cool feature that more or less sold the phone to us was its amazing Voice Control capabilities. Holding down the Home button will take you to a new app which lets you search and call anyone on your address book just by saying their name, or their numbers.

Voice Control can even be used to search songs on the phone's built-in iPod. For example, when you say "Play songs from Metallica", it will automatically play all your Metallica songs. Saying "What song is this?" will make it prompt you the track that its playing at the moment. Voice Control can also be used to pause, play the next track and shuffle your songs.

Video Demo of Voice Control

A great addition to the iPhone 3GS's features is 'Find My iPhone'. This service, that's exclusively available to Apple's MobileMe customers, will show you where in the world your iPhone is on a map, if you've either misplaced it or when it's been stolen. You will then be able to send a message to the phone, which you can probably use to scare the thief, then remotely wipe everything on your phone at the touch of a button. In the event that you actually get your phone back, you'll simply be able to restore it with all your previous information by syncing the phone to iTunes.

Video Demo of Find My iPhone

Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 3GS is packed with tons of features, including the hundreds of new features that are available in the upcoming iPhone 3.0 software release, making it even more crave-worthy.

The iPhone 3GS will be available from June 19th, while the iPhone 3.0 software upgrade will be available for free from June 17th 2009.

iPhone 3GS Commercial

All in all, a great day for the Apple team.

Watch Video Presentation: Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Keynote
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Yes it is, and we cant wait till we get our hands on one!

can the iphone 3g be upgraded to 3gs?

Unfortunately you can't upgrade your iPhone 3G to an iPhone 3GS, as even though they look identical, they're very much different on the inside in terms of hardware. The 3GS features faster processors, a camera that can capture video, and more.

masih kumpul duit kn bali iphone nieee ;(

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