Know when your steak is perfectly cooked

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For us amateur 'cooks', barbecues are a lot of fun - until we put the food in our mouths and finally realize that it's either overcooked or not cooked at all. Hopefully Brookstone's Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer will end that once and for all and make us look and feel like professional barbecue cooks.

This innovative gadget lets you know when your meat is cooked, without you having to cut it open to see how pink it is.

The Grill Alert features stainless steel probes that you insert in your meat, a wireless transmitter, and a wireless receiver that will display the cooking temperatures, progress and more.

Simply insert the stainless steel probes into the center of your piece of meat, then on the receiver, select the type of meat and how you would like it done. You'll then be able to walk away from the grill to relax and entertain your guests.

A voice prompt will alert you when your meat is "Almost Ready" and "Ready" - barbecue-ing has never been this easy!

Article: OhGizmo!
Product Page: Brookstone

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