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You probably know by now that mobile phones, keyboards and digital cameras all harbor colonies of viruses more than that of public toilets, but what's worse is that since they're electronic, they're really hard to clean with water. You won't need to worry anymore once you have Cyber Clean, the high-tech cleaning compound that instantly cleans your gadgets and peripherals in seconds.

This putty-like substance works just like you think it would - simply press it onto your dirty gadget and peel it off to capture the dirt and grime. It can even remove dirt from the tiny, little cracks of your keyboard too.

What's great about about Cyber Clean is that its unique formula is scientifically proven to kill germs and by being bio-degradable, is eco-friendly too.

A 135g tub of reusable Cyber Clean putty is available online for only US$9.99

Cyber Clean Commercial

Product Page: ThinkGeek

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