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Computer desktops, just like normal desktops, can sometimes be messy and annoyingly cluttered if you don't organize your files properly. Thanks to a new application called BumpTop, you can now organize your desktop in a whole new fun and productive way.

BumpTop allows you to toss and bump objects and files across your desktop and organize them into piles, just like you would on your real-life desktops.

File icons can even be zoomed into to get a better look at what the files actually look like without opening them, just like the 'Quick Look' feature on Macs.

Documents can even be pinned up to the wall to make you remember which ones are important. Similarly, you can post notes up on the walls with the sticky note features that are available.

With a sexy layout and 3D visuals, BumpTop makes your boring computer desktop come to life.

If you happen to have a touchscreen or tablet computer, the effects from this application are even more captivating, as icons move under your finger just like they would in the real world, letting you flick through piles and toss files into folders.

BumpTop is available online in two versions - a US$29 version with all features and a free version with limited-but-still-cool features.

Unfortunately for us Mac users here at Simpur, BumpTop is only available for Windows machines, but might be Mac OS X compatible in the near future if the developers see a demand for it.

But don't just take our word for it, check out the video below to see how cool BumpTop really is..

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Product Page: BumpTop

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