The foldable electric bike

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Developed with city-working professionals in mind, the Gocycle is a normal pedal-powered lightweight bike that can switch to instant electric power at the touch of a button.

Under a single charge of approximately three hours, this electric bike will provide a travel range of up to 20 miles, at 15 mph.

The Gocycle is also the world's first production bicycle to feature a completely enclosed multi-speed chain-drive, which means you won't get any any grease or grime on your clothes.

Its innovative side-mounted wheels are easily interchangeable, making it easy to fix a flat tire. This design also lets the bike be easily packed and stored away into its hard storage case.

Customers will be able to purchase the Gocycle in the UK from this month, costing between 599 pounds and 1198 pounds.

Articles: Gizmag, Gizmodo
Product Website: Gocycle

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