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With a lot happening around you these days, you've got to admit that it is quite hard to take your medication on time, every time. Missing pills could lead to even serious consequences for some but pharmaceutical company Vitality has created a solution in the form of 'GlowCap', a device that provides you with a simple reminder to take your medication or vitamin when it's time to do so.

The GlowCap, that fits on any standard pill container, has a built-in 900 MHz radio that connects itself to the Internet through its own little network. The cap also comes with a reminder light, that's also connected wirelessly to it. All you'll need to do is go to a webpage or call a hotline where you can tell the device how often you need to take your pills.

When the time comes to pop your pill, the reminder light will start to pulse. If you haven't taken your medication after an hour, the GlowCap will start playing a melody, sounding just like a ringtone, every few minutes for another hour to get your attention.

If you still haven't popped the pill after two hours, the GlowCap will call you. Yes, call you on the phone! How cool is that?

Surprisingly, the device's functionality doesn't end there. Each month, GlowCaps will mail you and your doctor a report with incentives if you achieve your goals. You can even send a weekly update to a friend or family member of your progress.

Product Website: Vitality

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Super useful. This is one of the more important "high tech" product applications I've seen in a long time.

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