Nikon announces rumored swivel-screened D5000

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Nikon Europe finally announced the D5000 DSLR camera at midnight last night, confirming rumors of the existence of the swivel-screened device, not long after pictures were leaked by an Israeli gadget blog hours earlier.

This 12.3 megapixel DSLR appears to go head to head with Canon's EOS 55D as it's slotted in between the D60 and D90.

Packed in a slightly smaller and simpler body of that of the D90, the D5000 boasts most of the D90's features, including its groundbreaking HD movie capability.

Perhaps the most unique feature is the camera's 2.7-inch vari-angle LCD monitor, which offers users a whole new way of taking photographs, allowing them to take pictures easily from any angle - perfect for those crowded places. It can even be reversed to let users take shots of themselves.

The kit version of the Nikon D5000 will be available for around US$850, while the body-only version will be available for US$730.

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