Inhale your chocolate

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Dieters will soon be able to enjoy chocolate without having to worry about calories with this month's unveiling of "Le Whif", a cigarette-like chocolate inhaler that allows you to take a puff of your favourite confectionery whenever you want.

Each whiff of this inhaler will fill your mouth with pure chocolate, letting you enjoy the taste of chocolate, but only consuming less than a calorie.

Until recently, food particles could not be made small enough to be airborne without the risk of choking, but the inventors of Le Whif have since claimed to find a way to offer super-tiny particles of chocolate through their inhaler.

Le Whif will come in mint chocolate, raspberry chocolate, mango chocolate and milk chocolate flavors, and will be available for US$52 in a pack of 24.

Article: Wired Gadget Lab, Gizmodo, Boing Boing
Product Website: Le Whif

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