The baby-rocker

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There are tons of ways to keep a baby from crying, and one of them involves rocking them to sleep. If you're too tired, or too busy to rock your child to sleep, then German-made gadget 'Lolaloo' could be perfect for you.

This tube-like device can simply be attached to a stroller with a set of Velcro straps. A weight inside slides back and forth, creating a gentle, noiseless rocking motion that will hopefully help put your child to sleep (the intensity of the rocking can be adjusted as needed). The Lolaloo will be able to rock non-stop for around 2 to 4 hours before needing to be recharged.

The portability of this device means that you can transform your pram into a cradle anywhere you please.

This handy little gadget is currently only available in Germany for about US$174, but we expect it to be sold internationally in the future as it could be very popular with parents all over the world.

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