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If you like to multitask big time on your computer, juggling between surfing the web, listening to music and designing graphics, it's quite easy for you to run out of screen space, and minimizing application windows can sometimes be annoying. Thank God for Nanovision's affordable Mimo Monitors..

These small, yet highly useful mini displays give you extra screen space, without taking as much room on your desk just like a secondary full-sized monitor would do.

What's cool about the Mimo Monitor is that it only USB-powered, so you won't need a special slot on your PC, nor would you need an extra power cord to turn it on.

Once it's in place and connected, you'll be able to easily drag applications from one display to the other, giving you an extra screen to work with - maybe for watching videos or for placing those sometimes-annoying Photoshop palettes.

The US$130 Mimo Monitor can even be rotated to either horizontal or vertical orientation, whichever you fancy.

Article: Yahoo! Tech
Product Page: Mimo Monitors

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