The sexy, self-heating baby bottle

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Multiple award-winning, world-renowned designer Karim Rashid (famous for his designs for Prada, Georg Jensen, Audi, Sony, Ralph Lauren and more), has designed a baby bottle that not only is sexy-looking, but can even heat itself.

The 'Iiamo' heats up milk up to 37 degrees in about 4 minutes without the use of batteries or electricity - just an organic heating cartridge.

The 100% organic cartridge is disposable and consists of a combination of salt and water - so you won't have to worry about hygiene issues.

Self-heating or not, the design of the US$38 Iiamo is very much appealing on its own.

Articles: Dansk Design, Tuvie, DVICE
Designer's Website: Karim Rashid

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where to buy??

ada sdh d brunei??

Hi Parisha,

It's currently only available online at the following link:

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