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If you're an avid cook or aspire to cook more at home, the Demy is a great gadget that might just help you in the kitchen and revolutionize the way you cook. This device is the first and only kitchen-safe digital recipe reader - it holds your personal recipe collection and lets you choose from the many that's available on digital recipe website

The Demy, which holds up to 2500 recipes, features a high-resolution, full-colour 7-inch touchscreen display, and a sturdy plastic exterior which makes it easy to clean.

Just like an iPod, you manage your recipes on your computer, and then easily sync all of them onto the Demy.

Being a fully touchscreen device, the sleek gadget is unsurprisingly easy to use. Simply touch your way through the easy-to-understand icons to find what you're looking for.

Besides being a great place to store and have access to your recipes, the Demy also features a built-in timer (that flashes and makes sounds as each cooking time expires), a great conversion function (that quickly converts your measurements to one that's easier to understand), and a great text enlarger (so you can choose the font size that's best for you.)

When you run out of a certain ingredient for your dish in the middle of cooking, there's no need to run out and get more - the gadget boasts a thorough list of ingredient alternatives too, letting you quickly access a list of ingredient substitutions at any time.

The Demy also features an accelerometer, just like that of an iPhone, which automatically rotates the display from portrait to landscape orientations when you tilt the gadget. This makes it easier when you run out of space on your kitchen counter, letting you turn it to its side when you need more room.

This kitchen gadget is available online for US$299.95.

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