The world's first practical jetpack

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Do you fancy yourself flying around with a jetpack just like Iron Man? Before recently, doing such a thing would only be possible in movies or in dreams, but believe it or not, New Zealand's Martin Aircraft Company Limited will be selling their first fully-functional jetpack soon.

Capable of 30 minutes of flight at 60 mph and 8,000 feet, the Martin Jetpack features only two primary controls - its left joystick controls pitch and rolls, while its right joystick controls yaw and throttle.

Just like other 'aircrafts', the Martin Jetpack also incorporates a number of safety features which include a built-in roll cage and a Ballistic Parachute system, which enable the pilot to be saved from a failure, even at low altitudes.

The first 10 units of this jetpack will be delivered to their respective owners sometime this year. The price? US$100,000. There goes our dream of 'flying' to work.

The Martin Jetpack in action

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Product Website: The Martin Jetpack

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