Cool adjustable-beam lights

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Following the design footsteps of his dad James Dyson (of vacuum fame), Jake Dyson has created the 'Motorlight Wall', which he claims to be the next generation in variable angle uplights.

These wall mounted light fixtures, that can be controlled via remote control individually or as a group, each feature adjustable beams that can be angled between 10 and 120 degrees, creating a wide or narrow shaft depending on your illumination needs.

The light change is achieved through motorized shutters which smoothly cycles between maximum and minimum angles every 45 seconds.

Designed with stylish and modern homes in mind, the Motorlight Wall will be retailed soon at around US$400 and will be available in five different colors - red glow, blue glow, black gloss, white gloss and clear glow.

Articles: Designbloom, OhGizmo!
Product Page: Jake Dyson Products

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