The innovative, transforming child-carrier

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Dutch company Taga B.V. has created an innovative, multifunctional urban vehicle - a uniquely designed premium stroller that can be transformed into a carrier bicycle with ease.

Imagine taking your child for a ride on your bike, which has a built-in kid seat, and wanting to stop at a store to shop. Normally, you'd have to leave your bike outside before stepping in to the store, right?

With a Taga, you won't need to. You can transform the child-carrying tricycle into a stroller easily in a matter of seconds.

This cool vehicle has been designed with safety in mind too. Its 3-wheel structure enables safe mounting and dismounting of children, being safer than a standard bike. The child is also positioned low and centered between handlebars, protected, and close to you.

It features a strong five-point harness and a special head cushion that guards the child at all times, while the fully sealed chain guard makes sure that you won't get yourself, or your clothes stuck into it while riding.

The Taga will soon also provide options for a double child seat, a car seat, a shopping basket, and a wooden double-seat trailer.

This multifunctional vehicle comes at quite a high price though, starting at US$2,500.

Video demo of the Taga

Article: DVICE, TreeHugger, Gizmodo
Product Website: Taga

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Pretty cool but when I saw the title, the first thing in my mind was a child carrier that you carry on your back for hiking. I've never seen this before. It is certainly much safer than putting a seat the back of your bike.

Haha it would be cool if a 'child-carrier' like the one you thought could actually transform!

Deuter's Kangakid Pack can actually transform into a backpack. I found this through a tweet by @RobbieTaylor. I love this blog so I'm going to bookmark it. Too bad there's no digg button around here.

Wow that's quite a cool backpack! Thanks for your support, and for the great idea.. we'll definitely incorporate Digg buttons on our posts soon!

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