Limit your kids' game-playing time

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It's true that video games are great fun and can improve hand eye coordination, but let's be honest - your children playing video games all day, every day isn't good either. The GameDr Video Game Timer might be the answer to parents' problems on regulating how much time children spend playing them.

The GameDr, which its maker boasts as having tamper-proof controls, is an electronic device that locks onto the power cord of all video game consoles. It features a password-protected, easy to use countdown timer that will essentially turn off the game console once time runs out.

One great feature of this device is that it alerts players ten minutes and a minute before their time is up, giving them plenty of time to save their game progress.

The GameDr Video Game Timer will be available online in June 2009 for around US$29.99.

Article: OhGizmo!
Product Page: GameDr Video Game Timer

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