73-year-old sees for the first time in 30 years with bionic eye

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73-year-old blind patient Ron, who underwent experimental surgery last year, can now see for the first time since he lost his sight 30 years ago after being fitted with a 'bionic eye'.

Ron lost his sight in his 40s due to retinis pigmentosa, an inherited disorder that causes progressive peripheral vision loss.

One of 18 patients across the world, Ron is part of an international trial carried out by American company Second Sight, who are carrying out a revolutionary new experiment to restore sight to patients blinded by retinal degenerations.

This California-based company have developed the Argus II, which consists of a tiny camera and transmitter mounted on sunglasses, an implanted receiver, and an electrode-studded array that is secured on the retina.

After being in complete darkness for such a long time, Ron can now see flashes of coloured light - enough to follow white lines on the road while walking.

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Video: BBC News on Youtube
Product's Company Site: Second Sight

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