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The LivingColors LED Lamp from Philips lets you light your room in any color you please.

The lamp, which contains just four LED (Light-emitting Diodes) bulbs, can be controlled to produce one of 16 million different colors.

Simply drag and slide your finger on an iPod-like touch wheel on the lamp's remote control, and you'll get to choose to light your room in any color you want.

Besides turning the lamp on and off and changing its color, the remote control even lets you brighten and dim the lamp, and even adjust the color saturation and white balance.

LEDs do not emit any heat, doesn't consume as much electricity, and have longer lives when compared to normal bulbs, enabling this lamp to be turned on for as many hours as you like.

Philips LivingColors Commercial

The Philips LivingColors lamp is available online from Amazon's UK store for £79, with a 'mini' version available for £45.41.

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