Lewis Hamilton controls F1 car with a cellphone

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Remote-controlled cars are cool to play around with, but only F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton will ever get the chance to control a $4 million McLaren F1 racing car with a mobile phone!

Here's how the story goes - Two developers created an application on their BlackBerry Storm that could remotely-control their toy F1 car by simply tilting and moving the phone from side to side.

After posting a video of them playing around with it on Youtube, they surprisingly received a comment from the McLaren team who then went on to develop a similar application that could control an actual, real-life F1 car.

You really need to watch the video to see just how cool this really is..

Spoiler: Too bad the video is actually just part of a new viral advertising campaign from McLaren's title sponsor Vodafone, but nonetheless, the whole idea is just so cool!

Articles: DVICE, ITV Sport

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