Apple previews iPhone OS 3.0

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Apple has been busy announcing new products and services on every Tuesday for the past few weeks, and yesterday was no different.

The iPhone manufacturers just previewed what looks to be yet another absolutely amazing new operating system for its phone and iPod Touch at a special media event held at the company's Town Hall auditorium in Cupertino, California.

Senior Vice President of iPhone Software Scott Forstall previewed many of the new 100 features which will be available on the next iPhone software upgrade including the long absent cut and paste feature.

Apple took 'cut and paste' to a whole new level by introducing a unique, easy way to cut, copy and paste. Double tapping a word will bring up two left and right 'pins' which you can drag around the text that you want to select. Users will then be able to choose whether to cut, copy or paste the selection by clicking on the buttons that pop up. Shaking the phone will allow users to undo and redo their actions. Very cool.

The next iPhone upgrade will see tons of new features introduced to applications such as the ability to purchase subscriptions and content from within an application. The phone's cool automatic discovery of other iPhones near you via Bluetooth will let you go against your friends in games seamlessly.

Another welcome new addition to the features list is the support of MMS. A long awaited feature, this will now let iPhone users share multimedia files such as photos and music easily.

Other notable features:
  • Push notification for apps, enabling messaging applications like Meebo and MSN work great.
  • Landscape mode for Mail, Notes, Text and Stocks let you rotate the phone and enjoy the larger keyboard and widescreen view of these apps.
  • Forward and delete individual and multiple SMS.
  • Calendars can now be shared in real-time with friends and family, and user will also be able to download their favourite sports team schedules directly onto it.
  • Shaking the phone while in the iPod function of the phone will shuffle tracks, just like that of the iPod Nano.
  • New Voice Memo app lets you record anything, trim the audio to your liking, and then send the file over to your friends via email or MMS.
  • New 'Spotlight' feature which provides you with a single, easy and convenient place to search for anything on the phone.

The iPhone OS 3.0 software is now available to all iPhone developers, but will be available to all iPhone users for free in the summer. iPod Touch owners will be able to purchase the software at the same time for US$9.95.

Event Video: Apple March 17 Event

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