Amazing 3D Live baseball cards

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In a move to prove to today's tech-savvy youth that baseball card collecting is still cool, Topps have developed the superbly innovative Topps 3D Live baseball cards, which it claims to be the biggest innovation in baseball card history since its 140 year existence.

Simply hold a 3D Live card in front of a webcam and a 3-dimensional figure of the card's corresponding player will magically pop up on the card. Rotate the card and you'll be able to see the figure in full perspective.

Impressive as it may sound, but that's not all it does. Card collectors will also be able to play simple pitching, catching and batting games with the 3D figure by using the computer's keyboard.

Video Demo of Topps 3D Live

Series 1 cards cost US$2 for a pack of 12 and will be available soon at the company's online store.

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