The tiny new, and now speaking iPod Shuffle

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Apple surprised us with yet another product release in two consecutive weeks yesterday when they unveiled the sexy new iPod Shuffle.

Even though it's half the size of its predecessor, the new Shuffle can now hold twice as many songs (up to 1,000) with its 4GB of storage, and lets you enjoy multiple playlists too.

The Shuffle now features an entirely new way of navigating through music, with Apple removing the buttons that were on the device itself and placing them on the earphone cord. Control the Shuffle with three easy-to-use buttons.

Apple's big selling point though comes in the form of a voice. The Shuffle's VoiceOver feature will tell you what song is playing and who's performing it by simply clicking and holding the center button. VoiceOver will also be able to tell you the names of your playlists when you continue to hold the button, and clicking on the button once again will let you select the playlist you want.

VoiceOver also speaks in multiple languages, from Mandarin to German, to Spanish or French, letting you hear correct pronunciations of the song titles and artist names.

The Apple iPod Shuffle is now made of anodized aluminum, and comes in two colors, silver and black, and will be available in Brunei soon for approximately B$128. The older generation of Shuffles is however also still available.

iPod Shuffle Guided Tour

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