The self-propelled suitcase

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The weak and lazy can now rejoice as Hammacher Schlemmer has created the world's first suitcase that automatically provides power assistance when rolling luggage.

The self-propelled suitcase features sensors in its handle which monitor how much force you're using to pull the suitcase. When the handle is tilted between 15 and 35 degrees, the sensors will automatically tell the motors in the wheels to move at speeds of up to 3 mph.

85% of the carried weight is transferred to the wheels, making it much easier for you to carry your heavy luggage.

The suitcase is also smart enough to know when you encounter downward slopes - motors will automatically stop, allowing you to simply roll the luggage down normally.

Made of the same material used in car bumpers, this piece of luggage provides superior impact protection for your belongings.

Unsurprisingly, the self-propelled suitcase doesn't come cheap, selling at a price of US$1300.

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