Fake motion-sensing security camera

Posted by Simpur | Posted in , | Posted on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do you live in an unsafe neighborhood that's prone to burglary but can't afford the usually-expensive security cameras that are available in the market? This fake one available from Chinavasion will do the trick without burning a hole in your wallet.

Although this fake security camera is a bit too plastic-looking to probably fool anyone, it does however have a few features that could scare off some potential thieves.

Besides a continually flashing red light which makes it seem that it's actually actively recording, this camera also features a built-in motion sensor that will trigger it to pan back and forth for 15 seconds anytime someone passes in front of it.

What's cool is that this product only costs around 2.45 Euros each (minimum order of 5). Just make sure that it doesn't run out of the 3xAA batteries it runs on at the crucial moment when you want to scare those burglars away.

Article: OhGizmo!
Product Page: Chinavasion

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