Apple announces new iMacs, Mac Minis and Mac Pros

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The rumors floating around the web in the past few weeks that Apple were to update their line of desktop computers proved to be true, with them announcing new iMacs, Mac Minis and Mac Pros yesterday. They have also 'quietly' updated their Airport Extreme wirelesss base stations and Time Capsule wireless backup devices.

Apple Mac Mini
With the last significant update to the Mac Mini being in 2006, there were plenty of rumors of Apple killing off their most affordable line of Macs. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that pictures started surfacing of possible new Mac Minis. It was only until yesterday that we learnt that the leaked photos were indeed real.

The new Mac Mini now features powerful new NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics, up to 320GB of storage, 5 USB Ports and a Mini DisplayPort among others.

Update: This tiny desktop will be available in Brunei very soon in two models, from AV Electronics - 2.0GHz : 120GB and 2.0GHz : 320GB, selling at B$998 and B$1,358 respectively.*

Apple iMac
The new iMacs sport the same sexy look on the outside as its predecessors, but under that elegantly gorgeous sheet of aluminum is more power, more memory and twice the storage, all available at a cheaper price. Those that have craved for the 24-inch model can now get one at the same price as the previous 20-inch.

All iMacs now feature upgraded NVIDIA graphic cards and the new Mini Display Ports. One surprising change however, is that Apple has decided to eliminate the numeric keypad from the iMac keyboards. What's up with that?

Update: The all-in-one iMac desktops will be available in Brunei very soon in 4 models from AV Electronics: 20-inch - 2.4 Ghz (B$1,998), 24-inch - 2.66 Ghz (B$2,588), 24-inch - 2.93 Ghz (B$2,998), 24-inch - 3.06 Ghz (B$3,588).*

Apple Mac Pro
Apple's most powerful desktop solution, the Mac Pro, now features the Intel "Nehalem" Xeon processors and a next-generation system architecture which delivers up to twice the performance of the previous generation of Mac Pros.

Besides the performance upgrades, this new model also features a re-designed interior that provides professionals with easy access to all its components for hassle free expansion.

Update: These new Mac Pros will be available soon from AV Electronics starting at B$4,088.*

Airport Extreme and Time Capsule
Apple also announced that new models of their popular Airport Extreme Wi-Fi Base Station and Time Capsule wireless backup device now feature simultaneous 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band networking, which means that all your Wi-Fi devices can now get the fastest possible wireless performance and the best possible range.

A new guest networking feature on both these products now let you allow guests to use your Internet connection without sharing your password or giving them access to the rest of your wireless home network.

Update: The Airport Extreme will be available very soon from AV Electronics for B$329. Time Capsule will also be available soon for B$489 (500GB) and B$788 (1TB).

*All models can be further customized to your wildest dreams too!

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