Amazon unveils Kindle 2

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Amazon unveiled the successor to their original e-book wireless reading device at a somewhat 'secret' launch event just hours ago.

This amazing device will appeal to book lovers everywhere with its slim, sexy design and its ability to download from more than 230,000 books available on plus newspapers, magazines and blogs, from anywhere and at anytime they wish.

Despite receiving a couple of bad reviews from tech critics over the bulky, un-sexy design of their original Kindle which was launched just over a year ago, Amazon received quite an overwhelming response from the general public, with stocks at one point very hard to come by.

The Kindle 2's future looks to be more promising with Amazon listening to the critics and suggestions given by the public on quite a few features of the original Kindle which needed some changes.

The newly announced device features a super-slim design, and at just 1/3 of an inch, it's just about as wide as a pencil, and even slimmer than an iPhone. It's lighter than your average paperback book at just 10.2 ounces, which makes it very comfortable to hold.

The Kindle 2's 3G wireless connectivity lets you download books directly onto it at anytime, without having to hunt for Wi-Fi hotspots or connect to your computer when you want new books to read. Simply choose a book just like you browse normally through Amazon or at a book store, and it will get delivered to you in less than 60 seconds. Amazon even lets you download the first chapters of a book for free, just to try it out! Books are affordably priced too, with new releases at just US$9.99. What's more, you won't have to pay for any annual contracts or monthly fees.

This gadget features an improved 6-inch display which utilizes the latest in electronic-ink display technology, making it look like real paper, and most of all, it eliminates the eyestrain you get from looking at laptops and computer screens. This technology also lets you read in sunlight without glare, just like you would experience with normal books.

Those who sometimes have trouble reading the 'small' text of normal books too will benefit from the Kindle 2, with its feature of having up to six adjustable text sizes.

The device also makes it easy to read with one hand with page-turning buttons located on both sides.

A notable new feature is the 'Read-to-Me' function which you can use to make the Kindle 2 do all the reading out loud to you, letting you switch between reading and listening anytime you want, with both male and female voices available.

Here are some more cool features of the Kindle 2:

  • A new 5-way controller lets you flip between newspaper and magazine articles that you want to skip, making it faster to read the articles.
  • The built-in dictionary lets you look up any word you come across that you don't know the meaning of. Simply move the cursor to the word and the definition will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Free wireless access to Wikipedia
  • Battery life is great - read up to 4 days, with wireless on, without charging or read up to 2 weeks with wireless odd.
  • Unlike laptops and notebooks, it doesn't get warm.
  • Its 2GB of storage lets you store over 1,500 books.

  • Video Demonstration of the Kindle 2

    The Kindle 2 is now available for pre-order, and will be released on February 24th in the United States for US$359. There hasn't been any word from Amazon of its international release.

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    The Kindle 2's 3G wireless connectivity lets you download books directly onto it at anytime, without having to hunt for Wi-Fi hotspots or connect to your computer when you want new books to read.

    What happen if there is no 3G service in your area?

    Amazon's Kindle 2 will only be available in the US when its released, and will run on an Evolution-Data Optimized (EVDO) 3G Mobile Broadband service that's available there which has a wide coverage.

    Users will not need to have this wireless connection all the time, as they will only need it when they want to download new books.

    Amazon has not announced any plans yet to sell this gadget to the international market, but since most of the world does not have EVDO, we're sure that they would make Wi-Fi available on a future model of the device made for the rest of us.

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